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Foreign Translations of Brian's Biblical Finance & Generosity Materials

My dear brother or sister in Christ:

Thanks for your interest in helping to see that some of my Biblical financial and generosity materials are translated into your language.  

If you are feeling led by the Lord to help translate some of the materials from this website (see the list below), please FIRST EMAIL ME and let me know where you are from and which language(s) you will be translating materials into.  I will then email you copyright permission and I will also keep you informed about any other individuals from your language that may offer to help translate materials into your language.

From my experiences in sharing my materials with leaders and Christians from other countries, here are 5 pages that would be helpful to translate for the benefit of Pastors, church leaders, congregations, and Christians that speak your language.

As pages are completed, please email them to me (PDF or Microsoft Word or Text files) and I will put it on my website for the benefit of others to use. 

Please also feel free to email this website address to  ( ) people in your country so that they can easily access your translated materials and my website.

If you have any questions, please email me at .

Yours for greater generosity among Christians and churches everywhere,

P.S. Once you EMAIL ME and RECEIVE A TRANSLATION PERMISSION, you can begin translating.  You will also have permission to use or to submit the materials you translate in newsletters, magazines, mailings, websites, literature, books, and emails as long as the following line is added: Written by Brian Kluth.  Translated by (Your name).  For more financial or generosity materials, go to: or email (your email address).


Status of foreign translations on Brian's Biblical financial & generosity materials:


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