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Experiencing God As Your Provider:

Scriptures and Stories of Open Handed Living in a Tightfisted World

The following teaching tracks are from a weeklong conference Brian Kluth gave at a family week at Fort Wilderness Christian camp.



Biblical Teaching Points & Stories


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Stories: David and Goliath and the 5 stones vs. Saulís armor.

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Introduction to this series on "Experiencing God as Your Provider: Open Handed Living in a Tight Fisted World".

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Brian Kluthís background and personal testimony

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Principle of giving is a matter of trust

Story: $20 bill and desire to take out change.

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Principle of seek first the kingdom of God

Stories:  Becoming a camp missionary and later a pastor.

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Principle of provisions vs. money

Story: Praying for boots.

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Principle of experiencing God given provisions

Stories: Elijah and the ravens.   $100/month for housing.

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Principle of financial freedom

Definition: Financial freedom is the ability to build your life on Biblical principles and trust God to guide you and provide for you.    

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Principle of agreement

Stories: Big house and small house prayer.  Larry Burkettís wife didnít like the manís tie.  Women talk in code: He-we, she-we, we-we.

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Principle of trusting Christ more than credit

Story: Campís no-debt policy and nighttime wrestling with 5 figure gift.

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Principle of great needs are great opportunities for God to work  Story: Wifeís $150,000 in cancer  bills and TV news story.

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Principle of enjoyment vs. ownership

Donít have to own it to enjoy it.

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Principle of giving from whatever you have

Stories: Single mother gave out of her $25 grocery money.  Poor village in Bulgaria wanted wood for their church.

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Comments: Bible is a mirror - be a Doer of the Word

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Principle of adjusting your lifestyle to live BELOW your means  Stories: Selling Cordoba for Ford Pinto.  Womanís daughter ripped pants, sold dream home, moved to duplex and France.

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Principle of using work skills and influence for the Lord Stories: Donated trucks and free services people provided to camp.

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Principle of Godís Favor

Stories: Israelites plundered the Egyptians.  Donated septic pump.  Campís Inn motel built with donated materials.

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Principle of the wealth of the sinner

Stories: Holiday Inn $2.50 chairs.  Motel Inn furniture from college.  Firewood given to camp staff member.  Church buys $2.2M racquetball club for $500K.

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Principle of the treasures of darkness

Stories: Factory worker gets unexpected $500 bonus and woman making minimum wage sells necklace from aunt.

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Comments: Ezra set his heart to learn, PRACTICE and then teach

4:03 Click here to listen Download MP3

Principle of little becomes much when God blesses it

Stories: Little boy gives 5 loaves/2 fish.  Girl $1 buys Hong Kong camp.

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Principles of helping those that can't pay you back

Stories: Sending kids to camp.  Year supply of milk for single mom. God-led musical car swap benefits 4 families.

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The principle called ďThe truth about tithingĒ

Stories: Georgeís $44 dental bill, $88 checkbook, and washer & dryer.  Bobís titherís support group. Christian school refund, and ďGod knows my bus #.Ē

23:08 Click here to listen Download MP3

Comments: Letís talk together in heaven

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Principles of counting your blessings Story: Gave $4K on $15K salary by counting $ blessings on Sunday nights.

10:59 Click here to listen Download MP3

Principle of head and heart giving

Difference between tithe AND offerings, head AND heart giving, and systematic AND spontaneous giving.

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Additional Financial and Generosity SERMONS & SEMINARS:


Titles & Topics

Listen to Audio


"Secrets to Living a Generous Life"  This is a message that Brian gave as a guest speaker at a large church in California.  The message gives 5 life changing reasons WHY every Christian (regardless of their financial circumstances) should want to become a generous giver to God's work. 

INTRO: Secrets to Living a Generous Life (3 min)

"Get Your House In Order"  Brian gave this message at a Sunday service based on the Scripture text in Isaiah 38:1.  Following the message he gave every family in the church a 16-page guide he wrote about helping them to get their house in order.

This 16-page  manual provides helpful information, ideas, and forms to better communicate your medical wishes, financial information, life legacy, Biblical generosity, and funeral planning with loved ones and professionals.

This manual is available for other churches to order (as a Microsoft Word download), customize, and distribute to their church families.


"How to Be a Generous Christian"  This is a message that Brian gave in his church.  Based on 2 Cor 8 and 9 this message highlight six aspects of wise giving: (1) Give sacrificially. (2) Give increasingly, (3) Give faithfully, (4) Give proportionately, (5) Give expectantly and (6) Give cheerfully. 

Fast Facts - National Financial & Generosity Trends Impacting Churches

"Living the Truly Good Life: Ways to Rise Above the Pull of Materialism" Brian gave this financial message at his local church during the holiday season. 

"10 Keys to Finding True Financial Stability in Unstable Times"   Brian has given this as a church sermon series or as a seminar at The Navigators Glen Eyrie Castle, family conferences and large churches. 

12 Biblical Financial Principles outlined in the word: "T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G."  This was a November sermon series Brian preached entitled: "Financial Truths - Live a Life of T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G."  Each letter represents a financial truth that will lead people to a deeper intimacy with Christ while freeing them from financial attitudes and practices that cause stress and unrest in their lives.

"God's Plan for Money, Se.x & Power"  In this message, Brian identifies 3 temptations that have destroyed many lives, marriages and ministries.  He then shares God's life-giving and life-protecting antidotes for each of these deadly temptations.  Handouts also provide specific spiritual commitments people can make plus additional list of verses for personal study and application.

"Secrets to Hilarious Giving for Special Needs" - Biblical insights for motivating people to extravagant giving for special projects or building programs

"Maximizing Your Money & Resources" Seminar - This seminar was given at The Navigator's Glen Eyrie Castle Financial Freedom Conference
  • No handout

30 Biblical Principles for "Financial Peace and Freedom"    Brian's sermon series and seminar materials gives God's ancient wisdom to help modern people find true financial stability in unstable times.   This life-coming teaching has been shared around the country and around the world and has been translated into other languages.

  • Audio not available at this time

"Breaking Free from the Bondage of Money & Materialism" 5 Week Financial Sermon Series - This sermon series is very similar to the one listed above, but with 5 fewer Biblical principles shared.  But the handouts may be of help to you in planning your own financial sermon series.

  • Audio not available at this time: 102200, 102900, 110500, 111200, 111900

"Godís 3 Legged Financial Stool - The Bible's Plan for Financial Stability & Security"  This message was given by Brian at Promise Keepers Stadium Events in the New York-New Jersey area and Kansas City

  • Audio not available at this time

"MAXIMUM Generosity" Seminar for Pastors and Church Leaders:

Fast Facts - National Financial & Generosity Trends Impacting Churches
God's High Calling for Christian Leaders - Raising Resources for Ministry  Discover the Bible's heroes of the faith that led God's people to acts of generosity to expand God's work in their generosity.
  • Audio not available at this time, coming soon
60 Best Church Practices for Advancing Financial and Generosity Teaching in Churches
  • Audio not available at this time, coming soon

Sermon on the aMount - This message gives real life Biblical examples to help teach people be generous to God's work in spite of any difficult financial struggles or circumstances they may be experiencing.

  • Audio not available at this time, coming soon
  Brian's RADIO COMMENTARIES on Christian Financial Ministries "Money Matters" Program

Crown Financial Ministries national radio commentaries: "Are You Rich?" [MP3 - 1min30sec]         "5 Biblical Keys to Financial Stability" [MP3 - 2min37sec]     ►"The Stewardship Dilemma Facing Churches" [MP3 - 2min45sec]

BUILDING CAMPAIGN Preaching Messages:

"Building God's Way - A Biblical Blueprint for Funding Facilities" - This is the same message as "Secrets to Hilarious Giving for Special Needs" listed above.

"On the Move for God - Lessons from Ezra on Building Projects"

Brian's PREACHING Ministry:

Brian's weekly preaching messages at the First Evangelical Free Church of Colorado Springs

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