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The church where Brian Kluth was the Senior Pastor officially called and commissioned Brian to become a Generosity Minister-at-Large to the body of Christ across the country and around the world.  This position has a $1/year salary and health-care benefits for Brian's and his three teenagers.  Brian's wonderful wife, Sandi, passed away in August of 2010 after an 8 year cancer journey (Memorial webpage:


As part of Brian's call, the church set up a special "Generosity Ministry" account that people, businesses, foundations, and churches that feel led by God to specifically support Brian's ministry and/or family can make tax-deductible donations online or by mailing in a check.


100% of these donated funds are made available to Brian for his generosity ministry and/or to meet the needs of his family.  The majority of the funding for Brian's ministry and family primarily comes from sale of resources, love offerings, speaking honorariums, and God's creative provisions.  But time after time, God has uniquely led people to invest in Brian's ministry and family with timely and generous donations that met a special need or ministry opportunity.


Brian's ministry does have an Advisory Board of six people from across the country and he is also accountable to the church's personnel committee at the church.


To read Brian's most recent encouraging annual report on his ministry and family,

CLICK HERE for Microsoft Word document OR CLICK HERE for PDF.


To make a donation:

Click here to DONATE ONLINE (for one-time or monthly donations)

or Mail a Check to:

FEFC - Generosity Ministry

3022 W. Fontanero

Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Church Phone Number: 719-634-3144


P.S. If you would like to inquire about any specific ministry project or family needs, please feel free to call Brian on his cell phone (719-930-4000) or send him an email.


INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES: Availability of Brian's materials in 21 languages (from Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, India)

CONTACT INFO: ►Cell: 719-930-4000  Fax: 719-634-7933   5201 Pinon Valley Road  Colorado Springs, CO  80919

(c) Brian Kluth.  All articles and products copyrighted.  For permission to reprint Brian's materials for for personal, committee, church or ministry use, click here.


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Contact information:  Brian Kluth | 5201 Pinon Valley Road | Colorado Springs, CO 80910 | 719-930-4000 | Email