How to Increase Church Offerings 10-25%

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How to Increase Church Offerings & Giving 10-25%:

Important Year End and New Year Generosity Strategies for Churches

Proven ways churches to increase your offerings 10-25% or more

By Brian Kluth, pastor, natl-intl generosity speaker, author & radio commentator (


In the church and non-profit world, the biggest transfer of funds comes at the end of the year.  Here are some things churches can do before the end of the year in order to receive a nice slice of the year-end giving pie.

1.       YEAR-END GIFTS OF STOCK – Call a stock brokerage house and open up an account for your church.  This will not cost you anything, but once you have an account, you can put notes in your bulletin, newsletter, and/or website that people can transfer appreciated stocks directly to the church as a year-end donation.  Provide the stock brokerage account number, website, and phone number in your material.  You may be surprised that you will get some year-end stock donations that are worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.  The church account can be set up so that when the stock transfer is received, the stock brokerage house sells the stock and sends you the proceeds in a check.

2.       SPECIAL OFFERINGS: Thanksgiving is a great holiday to take a special offering for your benevolence fund, the needy, or a missionary project.  For over 100 years, our church had a tradition of NOT taking a Christmas eve offering.  But a few years ago I instituted take a designated offering for a special need during the Christmas service.  This has resulted in thousands of extra dollars going to ministries that otherwise would not have received any funds.  Taking up these special offerings are based on the verse in 2nd Donations 2:3, “Where two or three are gathered, there is the offering plate in the midst of them!”   But kidding aside,  taking a special designated offering at Christmas can even be a witness to people who only come once a year to church since you are showing you care more about others than yourself.  At our Christmas eve service this year, we will be taking an offering for a school for disabled children in Ghana, Africa and outreach ministry in Cuba.

3.       PREACHING: In your preaching in December, reference the generous and sacrificial gifts of the Wise Men.  Use the line, “Wise men still bring Jesus generous gifts.”  Encourage people to give year-end gifts to the Lord out of the abundance that God has provided them.  You can also encourage people to remember to give a special birthday gift to Jesus since it is His birthday we're celebrating!

4.       GENEROSITY BOOKS AS CHRISTMAS GIFTS:  The Generous Giving Store is providing discounted prices on books that encourage godly generosity among Christians.  These Biblically based books will encourage individuals to greater levels of generosity in their lives.  Orders must be submitted by December 10th for quantity discounts.  Click here for a list of the available books and prices:

5.       YEAR-END LETTER AND MAIL-IN ENVELOPE: Your church attenders will receive large quantities of mail from non-profit organizations and ministries this month.  You may want to consider sending out an annual year-end letter after Thanksgiving that highlights some of the positive things in your ministry this past year.  You can remind people that their faithful year-end or catch-up gifts are vital to the on-going ministry of your church.  And you may want to consider including a list of special pending projects/purchases (with estimated amounts needed) that will only be able to move ahead with designated year-end gifts.  Be sure to include a mail-in return envelope with this letter.


Here are some things churches can do in the new year to impact people’s financial lives and generosity practices:

6.       PREACHING AND TEACHING ON FINANCES: Many churches have learned that the holiday season and before the tax return season begins, people are very open to Biblical teaching on finances.  This is a great time of the year to have a special message or a whole series of messages that provide solid Biblical teaching on giving, savings, planning, investing, etc..   MAXIMUM Generosity and Generous Giving has sample financial sermons and series, Biblical resource study materials on finances, and proven church practices on finances.  Crown Financial Ministries, and Willow Creek’s Good Sense ministry also have excellent ready-to-use Sunday school, small group, and seminar materials and helpful resources for church use.  If you have small groups that are looking for curriculum for their group, consider using the “40-Days to A More Generous Life” materials.


7.       GENEROSITY VERSE OF THE WEEK; Every week in the bulletin show a generosity-verse-of-the-week (list of 100 verses on generosity) or if you have a video screen, use a Generosity PowerPoint Verse and Photo of the week. 

8.       DEVELOP A 12-MONTH STEWARDSHIP PLANNING CALENDAR:  By being proactive with a multifaceted 12 month approach, you should be able to increase your church’s giving 10-25% in the coming year. 

9.       INCLUDE GENEROSITY TRACT with year-end giving statements:  A Biblically written generosity tract can be a powerful tool to move people forward in their giving. 

10.   SEND QUARTERLY GIVING STATEMENTS WITH A “FAITH & FINANCE NEWSLETTER”:  Begin to send out quarterly giving statements and include a “Faith & Finance Newsletter” and/or “Giving Chart”.  These regular reminders and helpful information will encourage your people to be more generous in their giving.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brian Kluth is a national and international speaker and writer on Biblical generosity and financial matters.  He is also a church pastor and the founder of MAXIMUM Generosity, a public ministry dedicated to advancing Biblical generosity through inspirational preaching, leadership training seminars, writing, resources and the media.  Brian’s written materials have been distributed to more than 350,000 Christian leaders in more than 100 countries .For additional materials or to contact Brian, email: or visit:

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