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Translation: Pastor Akim learned to wear his oldest suit and shoes just before the meeting to discuss his salary.
Translation: 1st man: I am afraid no one will ever find us.  2nd man: Don't worry.  I give $100,000US every year to my church.  My pastor will find us.


Translation: Sign says - Help Feed the Hungry.  Chicken says -  We should donate some ham and eggs.  Pig says - For you, it's a donation.  For me, it would be a total sacrifice.


Translation: Man says to wife - With the cost of living going up on everything, aren't we glad God hasn't raised the tithe to 20%?

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Translation: Pastor says in 1st picture - "All the people that tithe, please stand, so I can pray God's blessing on your finances."  2nd picture - "Now all the people that do not tithe, please stand up, so I can lead you in a prayer of repentance."


Translation: The card says "Stewardship Pledge Card".  Step #1: How much money do you make? $______.  Step #2: Send it all in.  $______.  The man says, "This should help us raise next year's church financial budget."  In the lower corner it says - "Pastor Akim is very excited about the stewardship committee's new idea."


Translation: The sign says: Building Fund Goal: Give Sacrificially.  The man tells the pastor, "Pastor, when it comes to giving until it hurts, most people have a very low tolerance for pain."


Translation: 1st boy - My dad is a wealthy doctor!  2nd boy - My dad is a right lawyer!  3rd boy:  My dad is a pastor and it takes four men to carry of of his money each week!

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Translation: Sign says - Finance Team Agenda - 1) Giving Statistics of our Church Members.   Man says - "In studying our records, I found that when it comes to giving, many people stop at nothing (0)."


Translation: Man says to his wife - "We live in a land of plenty - - everything COSTS plenty!"


Translation: The $100 USA currency says: "I had a good life.  Very nice mansion to live in, fast sports car, great vacations, and expensive restaurants."  The $1 USA currency says: "All I ever did was go to church, go to church, go to church."  The $100 USA currency says, "What is a church?  I've never been there."

Translation: 1st man says - I have learned that in every language, "Money talks."  2nd man says - Yes, it says..."Good bye.  Adios.  Auf Widersehen.  Sayonara. "


Translation: The cartoon says - Offerings at the First Church have really increased since the pastor required everyone to be baptized while holding onto their money wallet.

Translation: The old man tells the church usher - "We only given when we feel led by God to give.  The last time we felt led was in 1979."

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