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Brian Kluth is the pastor at www.1freechurch.org on 30th StreetPastor's Generosity Book

Helps Thousands

For immediate release.   Contact: Brian Kluth  Cell: 719-930-4000

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO:  Brian Kluth, senior pastor at the First Evangelical Free Church on 30th Street, wrote a small book last year that helps people lead a more generous life. Thousands of copies have been distributed across the US and overseas in the nine months since it came out.

The "Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life" book takes people through 40 daily Bible readings that help them understand what the Bible teaches about managing their finances. "Years ago I used to be in debt and had lots of financial problems. As I learned what the Bible teaches about money, God helped me completely turn around my finances and gave me the freedom to live more generously. I am grateful that so many other people can benefit from the things I learned," said Kluth.

Kluth reports that after bank failures in Mongolia, the largest church in the country received permission to freely translate the booklet and give it to the 1,100 Christians in their church. Afterwards the pastor wrote and indicated the booklet was a tremendous help to their people as they went through this very difficult financial time. A pastor from Detroit called Kluth after 50% of his congregation was laid off from work in the automotive industry. Kluth gave hundreds of free copies to this church to help these families.

Brian Kluth is senior pastor of First Evangelical Free Church in Colorado Springs, CO ( www.1freechurch.org ) on the NW corner of 30th and Fontanero/Fillmore with Sunday services at 8:45 and 10:30.

Kluth's weekly messages are now available for viewing on-line at www.truth4today.tv or on Sundays at 2:30pm TV channels #6 (Comcast cable) or #51 (non-cable).

For people in our community that are having financial troubles, his church offers financial classes based on teachings by financial radio host Dave Ramsey (

Any west side resident that would like a free complementary copy of the book can email their name/mailing address to Brian at

Source: Brian Kluth of www.MAXIMUMgenerosity.org.  Brian Kluth is the author of the bestseller, 40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life (200,000 copies in print and translations underway in 23 languages).  His website is ranked as one of the world’s leading websites on Christian giving.  He has been interviewed by Kiplinger’s magazine, NBC-TV, CBN-TV, and the Chronicle of Philanthropy.  Brian is a guest commentator on “Money Matters” 1000 station radio program.


Contact information:

Brian Kluth

Cell: 719-930-4000

MAXIMUM Generosity

5201 Pinon Valley Road

Colorado Springs, CO  80919

Email: bk@kluth.org

Websites: www.MAXIMUMgenerosity.org


Co-creator of the “Financial Funnies” Cartoon Series www.kluth.org/cartoons.htm

For a FREE review copy of the www.GenerousLife.info booklet, email: ship@kluth.org


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