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Little Generosity Book Increases Church Giving

in a Down Economy

450,000 copies, translations in 40+ languages, and a 40 Day Radio Program & Online Devotional is inspiring generosity in the US and overseas

Book receiving TV, radio, magazine & newspaper coverage


COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - Pastor Brian Kluth wrote a 40 Bible devotional on generosity and submitted it to several Christian publishers.   But all the publishers had no interest in the book because they they said there was no market for a book on generosity. “So, my wife and I used some inheritance money to ‘by faith’ produce and print 15,000 copies," Kluth said.  "We thought it would take years to distribute this many copies.  But within a few years we have printed 450,000 copies to keep up with the demand!"


Hundreds of churches facing a downturn in giving are utilizing this devotional in instruct and inspire people about the importance of living generous lives.  In the coming months, radio stations across America will be able to point thousands of listeners to a 40 day online eDevotional version of the booklet at www.GiveWithJoy.org.  


The small 90-page unwanted devotional book on how to lead a more generous life is something of a “publishing miracle” since most Christian books never sell even 500 copies.  When 100,000 copies were printed in the first nine months, David Neff of Christianity Today, said “anytime you get 100,000 copies of any book into the churches, you’re making some impact. Doing so in a 9-month period is spectacular."


Churches of all sizes from nearly one hundred denominations have ordered a personal copy to give to every family.  Kluth has also worked with many denominations to send free copies to thousands of pastors, Christian non-profit organizations to give copies to their donors, and seminaries to give free copies to their students. 


The story of this booklet has even caught the attention of the media with news stories on NBC TV evening news in Colorado, a live interview on CBN TV news and talk show, a front page story in the Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper Life section, a 1 hour live interview on Moody Radio's 250 stations nationwide, The Christian Post (as a top story), REV! Magazine;  Church Executive Magazine,  CCM Magazine, UPI - United Press International, USA Religious News,  Christian Newswire, Christian Headlines, Google News, Yahoo News and MSNBC News. 


Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock gave a copy of the booklet to every family in their church.  One of Fellowship Bible pastor’s said, "We researched every available resource we could find to inspire people's generosity.  This booklet was the best thing we found anywhere!"  

Some churches in the US and overseas have even reported giving increases of 35% to nearly 60% following the 40 days their church families went through the devotional.  In Kluth's own church, they had been experiencing a decline in giving.  He gave copies of the booklet to every family and the church's giving increased 41% in the following months.  Over a year later in the midst of a struggling economy their church's giving is the highest it's ever been.

The "Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life" book takes people through 40 daily Bible readings that help them understand what the Bible teaches about managing their finances. "Years ago I was in debt and had financial problems. As I learned what the Bible teaches about money, God helped me completely turn around my finances and gave me the freedom to live more generously. I am grateful that so many other people can benefit from the things I learned," said Kluth. 

The book is currently being translated into over into over 40 foreign languages including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Mongolian, Hindi, Serbian, Croatian, Afrikaans, Urdu, Punjabi and many other languages.


Denominations, mission groups, and global ministries have signed up or expressed an interest in becoming copyright partners to freely distribute the devotional as a free download to churches in countries all over the world. 


In 2009, Kluth is launching a nationwide radio campaign and an online 40 day eDevotional version of the booklet to inspire greater generosity across America.  The www.GiveWithJoy.org 60 second radio spots of forty true stories about people's "journey to generosity" will be made available for free to 1000 Christian radio to play on the air.  Listeners will be directed to the www.GiveWithJoy.org website to sign up for their free 40 day generosity eDevotional.


The printed version of the devotional is available in a standard version or churches ordering over 1000 copies can order a customized cover for just $1 more per booklet.  Some of the largest churches in the country have been ordering thousands of copies for every family in their congregation, including the First Baptist Church of Orlando; Church for the Nations in Colorado; St. Luke's United Methodist in Indianapolis; Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock; Crossroads Fellowship in Charlotte, NC; Grace Community Church in Tempe, AZ; Rivertree Christian Church in Ohio, First North SBC in Spartanburg, SC; Gateway Christian Fellowship in New Haven, CT, among other churches.


Kluth reports that after bank failures in Mongolia, the largest church in the country translated the booklet and gave it to their 1,100 believers. “Over the next two months we saw offerings increase nearly 60 percent,” the Executive Pastor emailed to Kluth.


“This whole thing is a God-sized journey for us. We’re doing our best to keep up with what the Lord is doing with this book,” Kluth says.  He is senior pastor of First Evangelical Free Church in Colorado Springs, CO but will be transitioning to a full-time generosity minister-at-large role to give more time to speaking, writing, and doing media interviews on the importance of generous living and giving.


Kluth has had a ministry of stewardship for several years and offers materials, seminars, and other aids to churches and ministries in this important area.  Earlier this year Kluth was honored by the Christian Stewardship Association with the Outstanding Stewardship Educator of the year award.


Kluth’s web sites can be accessed at www.MAXIMUMgenerosity.org  and www.GenerousLife.info



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