Best Months to Do Financial and Generosity Preaching and Programs in Churches

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1) Do you need an effective, proven, affordable, and GUARANTEED ways to help your congregation become more generous?

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How would YOU answer...

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4 TOP Reasons to Do Stewardship Preaching & Programs In the Winter Months

Plus a list of proven and ready-to-use downloadable resources to

take your congregation to a whole new level of generosity

By Brian Kluth of


1) People are in church and less distracted with activities 

In many places in the country, summers mean many people are gone for vacation.  In fall and spring, athletic activities and family commitments keep many people away from church on Sunday.  But for many churches, many of their people are in church on winter Sundays (except in snow storms!) and also have more time on their hands to read and think about spiritual things (i.e. if your churches uses a generosity devotional as part of a sermon series).


2) People are open to "new starts" early in the year

Wise pastors and church leaders know that their congregation like to think new thoughts and start fresh habits in the first part of the year.  If you offer sound Biblical generosity teaching early in the year  you have the greatest potential to see positive changes in people's lives and in their giving patterns.  For many years while John Maxwell was a successful pastor, he always had a multi-week stewardship series in January reminding his people and calling his people to be generous to God's work.


3) People are aware of the emptiness of materialism early in the year

Many families just spent hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars on Christmas gifts.  After all the excitement of the "new toys and purchases" wears off within days and weeks of receiving them, people are hungry for teaching on things in life that have lasting value.  And remember: the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.  I heard about one man that recently went out and bought a $250,000 car because he thought it would make him happy!  His wise said that within a month or two, he realized that "things" could not make him happy.  Materialism can never satisfy, only Christ and living one's life according to His plans will truly satisfy - - which includes LEARNING to live generously. 


4) People have a tendency to want to pull back on their giving early in the year

As the "sticker shock" of Christmas credit card bills and winter utility bills begins to roll in, human nature causes people to want to pull back on their giving in order to help pay the bills.  Your providing Biblical teaching about generosity and the faithfulness of God to provide will strengthen people's faith and help them hold on to the promises and provisions of God.


IF you decide you need some helpful and proven resources to teach your congregation on generosity early this year, look over the following list:

  • If you want to include a helpful generosity flyer WITH YOUR ANNUAL GIVING STATEMENTS, consider using one of the following generosity tracts/flyers.

  • Plan to use the 40-Day Generosity Bible Devotional booklet that can be given to everyone in your congregation as a daily Bible devotional for personal or family use.  If desired, you can also use this in small groups or Sunday school classes (or as part of a preaching series).  Nearly 1500 churches have given out this devotional to their families to inspire generosity and increase giving.  Some churches have even reported double digit giving increases!  The devotional also comes with companion resources that provides sermon helps, children's materials, banners, posters, and videos that can be used during the worship service, small groups, or Sunday school classes.  Click for more info and to see samples of companion materials.

  • If you want to preach a message or a series on finances or generosity, check out these sermons and series or take a look at these helpful resources.

  • If you want to start using a generosity Scripture verse each week when you collect your offering, consider getting more than a year's worth of PowerPoint slides with generosity verses and photos.

SPECIAL NOTE: All the items listed above can be ordered individually or they can be purchased until January 15th as part of a $49.95 GENEROSITY JUMP START package of more than $800 in generosity resources!  These items are all DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES so you can quickly use them and adapt them for your purposes.

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