20 Financial, Money & Generosity Fast Facts,

Statistics, and Trends Impacting Churches

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20 Financial & Generosity Fast Facts Impacting Churches

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Compiled for the “MAXIMUM Generosity Seminar

for Pastors & Church Leaders”

By Brian Kluth, pastor, natl-intl generosity speaker, author & radio commentator (www.kluth.org)                   

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1.    Average credit card debt per U.S. household is $8400.Source: Cardweb.com

2.   Americans spent more on legalized gambling ($2500 for every American) than on groceries.   Source: Focus on the Family article on the US abstract reports

3.    Requests for emergency shelter assistance grew an average of 19% in 18 major cities - the steepest rise in a decade.  Of these requests, 41% were families, 41% single men, 13% single women, 5% minors. USA Today 2003

4.    70% of employees are retiring BEFORE they are 65.  And 33% of retirees indicated that 90% of their income came from their Social Security retirement check of $895/month.Washington Post 2003

5.    20% of Americans have items stored in the U.S.'s 40,000 storage facilities. USA Today

6.    Many U.S. families (and churches)  are 1 to 2 months away from $$$ crisis.

7.    Record 1.68 million bankruptcies in 2003 (more than the ENTIRE decade of the 1960's).US Courts

8.    Financial problems are the largest contributing cause of marital stress and divorce.

9.    Average college student carries 4 credit cards (with UNPAID balances of $2327).Washington Post

10. 50% of new college graduates owe $10,000-$40,000 in student loans (and 1/3rd were unable to make their first monthly payment 6 months after graduation). Source: Wall Street Journal


11. $10-13 trillion dollars in inheritances will be transferred to the baby boomer generation within the next 10-20 years.  Yet, 70+% of the elderly today have NO will or trust ($0 for church/non-profits) Source: Chronicle of Philanthropy

12. 95% of Christian Educational Institutions (colleges, universities, seminaries and Bible colleges) offer NO personal or ministry financial curriculum. Lilly Foundation Studies

13. 90% of Denominations offer no available (or limited) financial teaching resources to their pastors or churches. CSA  research

14. 85% of Pastors feel unequipped and uncomfortable teaching on finances and giving. Lilly Foundation Studies

15. 90% of Churches have no active plan for teaching Biblical financial principles. CSA seminar research

16. In 2000, 12% of all born again adults tithed to their local church. The percentage rose to 14% in 2001, but dropped to only 6% in 2002.  This represents a 62% drop! Barna.org May 2003

17. There has been a 30+ year decline in the % Christians give (depending on the denomination, the average giving is 1% – 3˝ %)  Source: Empty Tomb Research

18. 20-35% of church attendee giving records are blank ($0 of recorded offerings given). Source: CSA

19. In 1999, ~$3 billion was given to 600 Christian mission agencies.  Compare this to $58 billion for soda products, $24 billion in jewelry store sales, $8 billion for movies theaters, $13 billion for chocolate products, $38 billion in vending machine sales, $11 billion for comp/video games, $7 billion greeting cards, $23 billion for toys, $91 billion in lawn/garden industry, $23 billion for pets. Source: Empty Tomb Research

20.     In the Bible, there are 40 verses on "baptism", 275 verses on "prayer", 350 verses on "faith", 650 verses on "love" -- and 2,350 verses that relate specifically to finances and material possessions.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brian Kluth is a national and international speaker and writer on Biblical generosity and financial matters.  He is also a church pastor and the founder of MAXIMUM Generosity, a public ministry dedicated to advancing Biblical generosity through inspirational preaching, leadership training seminars, writing, resources and the media.  Brian’s written materials have been distributed to more than 350,000 Christian leaders in more than 100 countries .For additional materials or to contact Brian, email: bk@kluth.org or visit: www.kluth.org

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